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About Us

Young couple carrying a seedlings to be planted into the soil in the garden as save world

BreeAnn Petrie, PA-C and Joseph Petrie, PA-C


Our Philosophy

We do things differently at White Cloud Wellness.


Our goal is for you to become so well that you do not depend on mainstream medical interventions and pharmaceuticals to stay functional. We want you to be symptom free without medications and to not just feel well , but to optimize your health so you can live the highest quality/most active life you can. We want to cure, not just manage, your underlying health conditions.  We emphasize nutrition therapy, root cause medicine(aka functional medicine), and lifestyle changes.


We believe in a blended model of health care that uses a variety of individualized therapies/tools, such as supplements, food, mindfulness, counseling/health coaching, ancestral diet, integrative medicine choices, and pharmaceuticals. 


We believe the 9 pillars of health are: nutrition, hydration, digestion, mineral balance, nature connection, peace/spiritual connection, movement, sleep, and fellowship.

We believe that your body has the innate ability to heal itself.  However, you must be a good steward of your health and provide your body the right tools in order to allow complete healing. We believe that our bodies are designed in the image of God and, therefore, can heal when properly nourished. This includes not only proper nutrition, but all 9 pillars of health.

Let’s Work Together

431 East Main Street

Challis, ID 83226


Phone: (208) 833-1313

Fax: (833) 839-1195

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